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What is Fusio-Dose?

Fusio-Dose is a Kérastase service, only available in salon. It’s a liquid care technology, for instant hair transformation.

Consisting of a custom-blended mix of a Concentré and a Booster, it’s the ultimate quick-fix problem solver for all hair types.

Who is this custom hair treatment right for?

Even those who take excellent care of their hair sometimes need a boost. Stress, styling and environmental factors can weaken the hair gradually, causing it to look dry and dull, behaving in strange, unruly ways. With this treatment your hair quickly transforms and restores to its full potential.

How does it work?

Before beginning your treatment, your stylist will diagnosis your hair. Depending on what your hair needs most, they will select a [Concentré] and [Booster] to combine and spray it onto the hair, at the backwash. Within 5-minutes your tailor-made treatment will be complete, and you’ll be flaunting lush, re-energized hair all day, everyday!

How do I know which Fusio-Dose mix is right for me ?

Our hair treatment appointment solves all your hair problems. Our experienced specialists will identify the root of your issues and create a custom plan using natural products to restore your hair’s shine and bounce. Book now to pamper yourself and get gorgeous results!

FUSIO-DOSE : Your 10 Questions Answered

Discover the 10 reasons why our customized treatment has stood the test of time ( and why you should definitely try it if you haven’t . )